Hockey Apparel

As I have mentioned in the About Me section the hockey apparel will be focused on female apparel but of course us guys will be able to purchase hockey stuff as well. We will initially focus on NHL clothing but as we continue building this site we will incorporate travel items which will assist you as you travel to see your favorite NHL team on the road.

If you would like to add a specific brand I will evaluate to see if it is appropriate to offer on this site. Certainly I would like to hear your opinions on any item that will be offered to purchase. We also hope to have some fun on evaluating the best looking hockey jerseys. I know we are supposed to call the sweaters but I just can’t do it!

I know everyone is into the retro hockey apparel, but I hope the teams can create new modern alternate jerseys. There are a

USA Women's Hockey

USA Women’s Hockey

lot of creative artists and I think hockey is missing out on marketing to the Millennials.

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